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400 LUX by Kyle Littleton

400 LUX by Kyle Littleton

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Causing your money to multiply is, perhaps, the most iconic trick in magic. In the past you needed a gimmick, glue, and lots of preparation to make this trick happen. "400 Lux" is COMPLETELY impromptu and uses no gimmicks of any kind. You change four EXAMINABLE one-dollar bills into four EXAMINABLE hundred dollar bills. 

Creator Kyle Littleton takes you through every step of the process. The routine is easy to learn, easy to perform, and imminently practical, since it uses just eight normal bills. It's possibly even stronger than gimmicked versions as the bills can be examined before and after, and the change looks just as magical!
Use any bills - no gimmicks
Includes multiple handlings
25 minutes of high-quality explanation
"It's a beautiful thing when sleights can flawlessly replace a gimmick! Kyle Littleton's 400 Lux is a great alternative to all the "Easy Money" variations. 400 Lux is pure magic done with pure sleight of hand!" 
- Karl Hein 

Running time: 25 minutes



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