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18" Slydini Silks by Palmer Magic
18" Slydini Silks by Palmer Magic18" Slydini Silks by Palmer Magic18" Slydini Silks by Palmer Magic

18" Slydini Silks by Palmer Magic

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Slydini's Knot Routine is one of the true classics of magic. It will fool you every step of the way. No matter how carefully you watch; no matter how closely try to follow each move, you will be fooled! The routine requires a very special set of silks. For years, they have not been available, Finally, Palmer Magic, who owns the manufacturing rights to the Slydini Silks, has located the correct material and is once again in production. 

These silks are custom made from the finest imported Italian parachute nylon. Each set contains two special silks for use in the Slydini Knot Routine, where even the tightest knots dissolve magically. This was one of Slydini's favorite routines! One silk of each pair is hemmed in orange to assist you in determining which end belongs to which silk body. The Slydini Silks do not come with any instructions. You will find the full Slydini Knot Routine in The Magical World of Slydini, available separately.



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