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Books relevant to Stage/Parlor Magic

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Zodiac - Lee Petrucci
Maelstrom (Book) - Tom Stone
Grips Lines and Looks by Marc Oberon – Book  and DVD
Insider Secrets - Tony Clark (Book)
Vortex (Book) - Tom Stone
Fifty Shades of Gold by Wayne Dobson
Al Mann's Sensational Boiler Escape by Knight & Mann
Audience Management by Gay Ljungberg
Big Money Shows by JC Sum
Book of Visual Comedy by Patrick Page
Comedy Magic Textbook by Roper & David Ginn
Corporate Illusions Made Easy by JC Sum
Genius of Robert Harbin by Eric Lewis
Houdini - The Untold Story (Deluxe Edition) by Milbourne Christopher
How To Handle Hecklers by Keith Fields
How to Tell Anybody's Personality by Paul Romhany
Keynote Speaking for Magicians by Paul Romhany
Look No Hands by Wayne Dobson - Lecture Notes
Magic and Showmanship by Henning Nelms
Mayhew - What Women Want by Hermetic Press
Meir Yedid's Card Animations by Harry Lorayne
Mel Mellers The Travelling Trickster - Book
Pack Flat Illusions 2 for Kid's & Family Shows by JC Sum
Sleight of Mouth by Harry Allen
Special Effects by Wayne Dobson
Stand Up Magic by David Hemingway
The Art of Magic Lecture Notes 2.0 by Tony Clark
The Event Magician (Volume 1) by JC Sum
The Event Magician (Volume 2) by JC Sum
The Lives of a Showman by Mark Lewis
Michael Ammar - Bill to Lemon Closer Booklet
Houdini Laid Bare (2 volume boxed set signed and numbered) by William Kalush
Limelight by Mark Elsdon
McComb's Magic 25 Years Wiser
McCombical by Billy McComb
Secrets of my magic (Limited) by David Devant
The Art of Illusion
Theatrical Pickpocketing
The Show Doctor by Jeff McBride