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Silk Gimmicks

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The Reel Revolution - by PropDog
Professional Fountain of Silks - G&L
Finger Tip Set by Vernet
Vernet Classic Thumb Tip
The Crystal Tube by Magic by Gosh
Cracked! Ultimate Sucker Silk to Egg
Dye Tube by Vernet
Silk Thru Phone by Jeimin Lee
Silk to REAL Brown Egg Gimmick by PropDog
Silky Stickers - Silk to Egg Gimmick Stickers by PropDog
Silky Stickers Refill pack - 25 stickers
Transformation Silk by Dominic Duvivier
Silk to REAL White Egg Gimmick by PropDog
Silk to REAL Goose Egg Gimmick by PropDog
JL Perfect Silk To Ball
Vernet Finger Tip
Vernet Junior Thumb Tip
Vernet King Size Thumb Tip
Vernet Little Tip
Vernet Medium Soft Thumb Tip
Vernet Vinyl Thumb Tip Medium
Vernet XXL Thumb Tip
Royal Thumb Tip Vernet Style