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iCharge 2.0 - Silver Wing ***Pre Sale Ships 31st July***
TARANTULA II - Yigal Mesika ***PRE SALE Ships 7th August***
Broken & Restored Wine Glass Gimmick - by PropDog
Flash Thumbtip by Marc Antoine
Quantum Angel - Paul Harris and Bro Gilbert
Proteus (Book) - Phedon Bilek
Akkelian Envelopes - Spidey
Leap - Agus Tjiu
Hover Card Plus - Dan Harlan and Nicholas Lawrence
Any Card At Any Birthday - Boris Wild
Maelstrom: Off the page - Tom Stone
Vortex: Off the page - Tom Stone
Watch I.T (electronic invisible thread reel watch) by Helbec
Error 404 - Les French Twins
Magix by Les French Twins and Jean Luc Bertrand
Vapr Hack 2.0 by PropDog
Mental Pen by Joao Miranda and Gustavo Sereno
Anthony Blake - Grupokaps Productions
Die Cipher II
Paul Harris Presents True Astonishments Box Set (9 DVD's and Props) by Paul Harris
TRU - Menny Lindenfeld
DMC Elites Rouge - Marked Deck
iCaan - James Went
EVANESCE - Mike Liu and Vortex Magic
Amnesia Deck - Steve Gore
GPS Deck - Steve Gore
Blinking Effect - Jean Luc Bertrand
Black Art Sticky Back Velvet - Anson Lee
Four King Miracle - Henri White
Memento Mori - Blue
Packet of 200 Double Blank White Cards
The Yarn - Manuel LLaser and Vernet
Memorandum (Book) - Woody Arangon
Superior Brand Cards - Red
Superior Brand Cards - Robusto, Black and Gold
Superior Brand Cards - Black
Superior Brand Cards - Gaff Set (27 Cards)
Superior Brand Cards - Red   INVISIBLE DECK
Superior Brand Cards - Red   READERS Marked Deck
The Dapper Deck - Blue
The Dapper Deck - Orange
Milk Tex - Fake Milk
Uprising - Richard Sanders
Magicseen Magazine - Issue 75
Torn and Restored Transpo - David Williamson
Sponge Rubik's Cube
Disposable E-Cigarette for Vapr Hack 2.0
E-Cigarette refills for the rechargeable starter kit for Vapr Hack 2.0
Goshman Sponge Club Sandwich
Monkey in the Middle - Bill Goldman