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Thumb and Finger Tips

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Thumbtipedia (DVD and Gimmick) by Vernet
Bureau de Change - Etienne Pradier
Greater Magic Video Library Volume 10 - Salvano Thumbtips
Dave Bonsall's Stretched Thumb Tip
Vernet Classic Thumb Tip
101 Tricks with a Thumb Tip by Royal Magic
Dye Tube by Vernet
Encyclopedia of Thumb Tip Magic by Gary Darwin
HD Thumb Tip by Alan Wong
Levitator by Vernet
Paul Harris Presents Hand-picked Astonishments (Thumb Tips) by Paul Harris and Joshua Jay
Thumb Tip Blendo
World's Greatest Magic - Thumbtips
McGrip Tip Super Card Shooter by Jeff McBride
Vernet Finger Tip
Vernet Junior Thumb Tip
Vernet King Size Soft Thumb Tip
Vernet King Size Thumb Tip
Vernet Little Tip
Vernet Medium Soft Thumb Tip
Vernet Vinyl Thumb Tip Medium
Vernet XXL Thumb Tip
Royal Thumb Tip Vernet Style