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Metal Bending

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STEEL by Rasmus
Liquid Metal by Morgan Strebler
Uri Geller (Signed Box and Spoon)
Forking Good Card Revelation
OX Bender by Menny Lindenfeld
Bag of 20 Easy Bend 50 Pence Coins - by PropDog
Alchemist: Blossom Sensitive (DVD and Gimmick) by Will Tsai
Alchemist: Blossom Wide Range (DVD and Gimmick) by Will Tsai
Coinvexed 2rd Generation Upgrade Kit - Sharpie Lid
Coinvexed 3rd Generation Upgrade Kit - Coin
Self Bending Nail
Self Bending Paperclip by Menny Lindenfeld
Silver Shifter - Old English Penny by Keith Arlen Lack and Steve Brooks
Coinvexed 3rd Generation by David Penn and Wizard FX
World's Greatest Magic - Metal Bending
Declassified Volume 2 - Metal Bending and Colour Changing
Gallerian Bend by Erick Castle
Infinity Bend by Eric Ross
Flexion by  Jon Allen
Psychic Bottle Opener by Pangu Magic
Strong Man by Jimmy Strange and Merchant of Magic
Ultimate Spoon Bend by Tenyo Magic
Vulcan by Romanos and MagicTao