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Props & Gimmicks


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The Gift by Angelo Carbone - Gold
BARE - The Other Brothers
Element - Kieron Johnson
Attire - Roddy McGhie and Danny Weiser
Sherlock'oin - Thomas Ribuoulet and Anthony Stan
Amazebox BLACK - Mark Shortland
SvenPad - Brett Barry
SKETCH by João Miranda and Julio Montoro
The World's Most dangerous Card Trick by Mario Morris
Aberdeen Thread - James Dickson
Amazebox by Mark Shortland
The Movie by Mario Daniel and Gee Magic
Alcardmy by Mike Liu & Vortex Magic
Blank Night - John Archer
Cut 2.0 by Ran Pink
Mirror Glass PRO - Bazar De Magia
Pickpocket Passport by Alan Wong & Gregory Wilson
Pro Carrier Deluxe - Joshua Jay
The Examiner by John Graham & Paul Harris Presents
French Postcards by Chris Philpott
Slydini Silks
Sticky Situation by Andy Leviss
Mini Buds by SansMinds
Phone Phreak by Jeff Prace & Paul Harris (iPhone 4)
Suitcase by Sean Yang
Unbelievalope by Jeff Kaylor
Heist by Jack Wise and Vanising Inc.
Too Hot to Handle by Kieron Johnson
Wishbone by Paul Harris and Bro Gilbert
Exquisite by Michael Ammar and Losander
Propel by SansMinds
Magic Blood by Trevor Duffy
Domino Effect by Alex Pandrea
Torn 2 Pieces by Shawn Farquhar
Fobulous by Steve Shufton
Absolute Zero by SansMinds
OSYN by Mark Calabrese
Refill 5 DIamonds & 5 Hearts for "Signature Edition Sketchpad Card Rise" (12 pack) - Martin Lewis
Refill 9 DIamonds & 2 Clubs for "Signature Edition Sketchpad Card Rise" (12 pack) - Martin Lewis
Ripcord - Tom Elderfield and Ollie Smith
Way Out XII Marc Oberon - 3 Way Standard REFIL
Way Out XII Marc Oberon - 4 Way REFIL
Way Out XII Marc Oberon - Zodiac REFIL
Appearing 8 Foot Straw by Sorcery Manufacturing
Arthur by Chris Wiehl
Big Bang by Chris Smith
Blind Date by Stephen Leathwaite
Boulevard 54 - Glass Breaking Device - Bazar De Magia
Chapswitch by Nicholas Lawrence & SansMinds
Chinese Sticks (Finished wood)