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PropDog Recommends

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Vanishing Ring by SansMinds - BLACK
Vanishing Ring by SansMinds - BLUE
Bill To Marker by Nicholas Einhorn
Loops New Generation by Yigal Mesika
Astonishing Bottle - João Miranda and Ramon Amaral
The Gift by Angelo Carbone - Gold
Chaos - Mathieu Bich
Bonsall's Little Bird - by PropDog
How to Be a Magician!!
Signature Edition Sketch Pad Card Rise - Martin Lewis
All Aboard by Tom Swift
Amazebox BLACK - Mark Shortland
Etiene Pradier - Live at Houdini's
Sucker Punch (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Mark Southworth
SKETCH by João Miranda and Julio Montoro
The Reputation Maker - Harry Robson & Matthew Wright
The World's Most dangerous Card Trick by Mario Morris
Lemon For Life by PropDog
Lime For Life by PropDog
Lime For Life Seconds by PropDog
The Roadrunner Cull - Volume 1 - Kostya Kimlat
The Roadrunner Cull - Volume 2 'The Cull Continues" - Kostya Kimlat
Torn and Restored Transpo - David Williamson
Vapr Hack Adapter Tube by PropDog
LAP by Juan Tamariz, Yann Frisch and Dani DaOrtiz
Memento Mori Close Up Mat 24"x17"  by Murphys Magic
Emergency Cash - Steve Shufton
The Code - Andy Nyman
The Ultimate Workers Volume 1 DVD - Michael Close
The Ultimate Workers Volume 2 DVD - Michael Close
The Ultimate Workers Volume 3 DVD - Michael Close
The Ultimate Workers Volume 4 DVD - Michael Close
David Williamson 'Ridiculous' - Essential Magic Collection
Finn Jon 'Legacy' - Essential Magic Collection
Joshua Jay - Unreal - Essential Magic Collection
Lennart Green 'Masterfile' - Essential Magic Collection
Paul Daniels 'Bravura' - Essential Magic Collection
Dave Bonsall's Sugar Routine - Lecture Pack
Narcissus by Chris Philpott
Throwing Brick by PropDog
AWE Struck by Adam Elbaum - DVD
Blank Night by John Archer
Card Under Glass by Doc Eason
Refill for Lynx Smoke Watch by João Miranda
Smoke 2.0 - Alan Rorrison
Uri Geller (Signed Box and Spoon)
Celestial Mechanics by David Davies and Alakazam Magic
Pyro Mini - Adam Wilber
Fire Kit by Martin Braessas
Wishbone by Paul Harris and Bro Gilbert