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Magician's Wallets

A selection of some of the best magicians wallets on available from Jerry O'Connell, Fred Kaps,/Balducci, Le Paul/Jennings etc.

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ATW (Anything to Wallet) Rebooted Wallet - by RSVP
HOW  Wallet by Harry Robson
Leather Coin Purse (Holds Six Dollar Coins) by UnderMagic
Leather Coin Purse (Holds Six Half Dollars) by UnderMagic
Jerry O’Connell Large Plus Wallet
Jerry O’Connell Small Plus Wallet
Nest of Wallets by Nick Einhorn and Alan Wong
F1 Nitro Wallet by Jason Rea
Worker's Dream Wallet by Harry Robson
Le Paul Wallet
Himber Wallet
3 Choice Wallet by Wayne Dobson and Heinz Minten
Anthony Miller's BKM Wallet
Coin Purse by Heinz Minten
Complete Peek Wallet by Tony Miller and Vanishing Inc.
Le Paul Zip Wallet by Heinz Minten
Mini Switch II Wallet by Heinz Minten
Visa Cabaret Wallet by Heinz Minten
Plastic Wallet for Cards
Taking Notes by Wayne Dobson
Fire Wallet by Premium Magic
Fire Wallet by Mark Mason and JB Magic
Wowlett (No Gimmick) by RSVP Magic
Comedy Mini Wallet
Stone Purse by Nathan Kranzo
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