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Dave Bonsall's hand picked choice of books on magic and performance improvement for both the amateur and professional magician.

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Less is More - Benjamin Earl
Memorandum (Book) - Woody Arangon
Exposure by Daniel Madison - Book
Grips Lines and Looks by Marc Oberon – Book  and DVD
Dove Trilogy Bonus Pack by Tony Clark
Creative Magic by Adam Wilber
Fifty Shades of Gold by Wayne Dobson
For Your Entertainment Pleasure by Stephen Minch and Vanishing Inc.
Laughter Legacy by David Ginn
Secrets of a Puerto Rican Gambler by Stephen Minch and Vanishing Inc.
Standing Up with Ring Flight (Ring Flight Routine)
Performing Magic by Tony Middleton
Zapped - Ricki Dunn and Nielsen Magic
101 Amazing Magic Tricks with a Stripper Deck
The Aretalogy of Vanni Bossi by Stephen Minch
101 Easy To Do Magic Tricks by Bill Tarr
101 Tricks with a Svengali Deck by Royal Magic
101 Tricks with a Thumb Tip by Royal Magic
20 Tips for Seance Workers by Thomas Baxter
50 Ways To Make Money With Magic - Andrew Mayne
A Book in English by Woody Aragon
Acting for Magician's by Murphy's Manufacturing
Al Mann's Sensational Boiler Escape by Knight & Mann
Al Schneider Magic
Anthology (book) - Daniel Madison
Art of Astonishment Volume 1 by Paul Harris
Art of Astonishment Volume 2 by Paul Harris
Art of Astonishment Volume 3 by Paul Harris
Art of Close-up Levitation by The Underground
Art of Stealing Watches by The Underground
Asymptotes by Ben Blau
Audience Management by Gay Ljungberg
Bamboozlers Vol. 1 by Diamond Jim Tyler
Bamboozlers Vol. 2 by Diamond Jim Tyler
Basic Skill with Cards
BETCHA! (How to Win Free Drinks for Life) by Simon Lovell
Big Magic for Little Hands by Joshua Jay
Big Money Shows by JC Sum
Blomberg Laboratories by Andi Gladwin and Vanishing inc.
Book of Visual Comedy by Patrick Page
Bruce Cervon Castle Notebook - Volume 2
Bruce Cervon Castle Notebook - Volume 4
Bruce Cervon Castle Notebook - Volume 5
Business Card Miracles
Card College Lighter by Roberto Giobbi
Card College Lightest by Roberto Giobbi
Card Control by Arthur H Buckley
Card Magic by Richard Kaufman
Changin' Glue by Anthony Owen
Close Culls by Harapan Ong and Vanishing Inc.