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Kids Beginner Tricks

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How To Do Street Magic - Brad Christian
How to Be a Magician!!
The Crystal Tube by Magic by Gosh
Firefly by Astor
Spider in a Jar by Chazpro Magic
The Floating Match (2 per box) by Premium Magic
Thumb Tip Blendo
Vampire Slayer by Chazpro Magic
Witchy Prediction by Chazpro Magic
Clown Noses 1.5" - Pack of 10
Clown Noses 2" - Pack of 10
Clown Noses 2.5" - Pack of 10
Break Away Wand by Bazar de Magia
Breakaway Flower by Alan Wong
Chameleon Streamer by Mr. Magic - Spot
Clear Penetration by Mr. Magic
Colour Changing Silk Scarf by Mr. Magic
Floating Lady by Mr. Magic
Kennard Box Mystery by Mr. Magic
Magic Change Bag - by Mr. Magic
Matchbox Penetration by Mr. Magic
Spoon to Fork by Mr. Magic
Teleporting Coin by Mr. Magic - Half Dollar
Vanishing Crayons by Mr. Magic
Zig Zag Card by Mr. Magic
Zig Zag Lady by Mr. Magic
Zombie Ball and Foulard by Mr. Magic
Up-Sell Disappearing Card Deck
Up-Sell Dynamic Coins
Up-Sell Finger Chopper
Up-Sell Invisible Cards
Up-Sell Pen Through The $Bill
Up-Sell Stripper Cards
Up-Sell Svengali Cards
Up-Sell The Wonderfool Box
Up-Sell Thumb Tip and Silks
Stiff Rope Trick by Mr. Magic
Stiff Rope Trick by Vincenzo di Fatta