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Ash Paper - The Other Brothers
The Other Brothers have done it again! In this commercial effect, the Other Brothers present a way t..
Ex Tax: £20.83
Lucky Card - Wayne Dobson
Just imagine the spectator shuffles a borrowed deck of cards while you introduce your "Lucky Ca..
Ex Tax: £24.99
The Chameleon Card - Dominique Duvivier
A MUST FROM DOMINIQUE DUVIVIER EFFECT: When the magic astounds the magician himself! Do you know ..
Ex Tax: £24.99
How to Be a Magician!!
How To Be A Magician is an ALL NEW visual training package that allows ANYONE to perform MIRACL..
Ex Tax: £58.33
Prevision - Peter Eggink
The open prediction with a kicker twist!  A BLUE backed "Prediction" card is remov..
Ex Tax: £29.16
The Reputation Maker - Harry Robson & Matthew Wright
The Reputation Maker sees two-time FISM award-winner, Matthew Wright, team up with the &quo..
Ex Tax: £20.83
The World's Most dangerous Card Trick by Mario Morris
A bit of History of The Worlds Most Dangerous Card Trick  For many years'  Sideshow p..
Ex Tax: £70.83
Miro Deck - Federico Poeymiro
:      Miro Deck is an amazing deck of Bicycle cards which enables you to..
Ex Tax: £33.33
Paul Daniels 'Bravura' - Essential Magic Collection
PAUL DANIELS REVEALS THE ACT THAT MADE HIM A STAR  Paul Daniels is one of the world's le..
Ex Tax: £91.66
Based on 1 reviews.
Casino Con - Steve Gore and Gregory Wilson
The faces of 10 vintage Jokers are shown, then the backs are displayed to be from 10 different casin..
Ex Tax: £24.99
Block - Dee Christopher
    "Oh boy, what a clever man Dee is. Simple gimmick to make, solid full p..
Ex Tax: £16.66
Breach - Patrick Kun
  “This is Patrick Kun magic at it’s best. Visual. Practical. Off the wa..
Ex Tax: £16.66
B’Wave DELUXE - Max Maven
B’WAVE DELUXE comes complete with multiple sets of gimmicks so you can perform with queens, ki..
Ex Tax: £16.66
Colossal Blizzard 2.0 - Anthony Miller and Magick Balay (Cards Included)
Magick Balay transformed a great trick into a masterpiece. IT WASN’T LUCK. Magick’s p..
Ex Tax: £24.99
Masterpiece - Rick Lax
ONE CARD. That’s it. You pull out a single card and ask your friend to name a number betwee..
Ex Tax: £18.33
Monkey in the Middle - Bill Goldman
No moves?!? Yup. No moves. “You can perform this over and over, and trust me they’re ..
Ex Tax: £16.66
The Invisible Deck - Oz Pearlman
This package includes a Bicycle Brand Invisible Deck and a training DVD that will help you master th..
Ex Tax: £16.66
Triumph - Oz Pearlman
A card is selected and returned… The cards are shuffled face-up into face-down creating an i..
Ex Tax: £24.99
Chaos - Mathieu Bich
However you think it works - you’re wrong. A masterpiece 15 years in the making. The effect..
Ex Tax: £24.99
Based on 1 reviews.
Cortana - Felix Bodden
Details Felix Bodden, from Dominican Republic, has created the fairest penetration effect with ..
Ex Tax: £20.83
Coin Classics Greater Magic - Volume 1
The fifth volume of the Greater Magic Video Library Teach-In Series encompasses coin artists from ..
Ex Tax: £24.99
Coin Classics Greater Magic - Volume 2
Professional coin effects presented by professionals! The ninth volume of the Greater Magic Video ..
Ex Tax: £24.99
Packet Trick Wallet by Jerry O'Connell and PropDog
The Jerry O'Connell Packet Trick Wallet, is the perfect solution for carrying and protecting pac..
Ex Tax: £19.16
Reverse Packet Trick Holder by Jerry O'Connell and PropDog
The Jerry O'Connell Reverse Packet Trick Holder, is the perfect solution for carrying and protec..
Ex Tax: £6.99
Based on 1 reviews.
Single Packet Trick Holder by Jerry O'Connell and PropDog
The Jerry O'Connell Single Packet Trick Holder, is the perfect solution for carrying and protect..
Ex Tax: £5.83
Double Bi-Fold Holder by Jerry O'Connell and PropDog
The Jerry O'Connell Double Bi-Fold Holder, is the perfect solution for carrying and protect..
Ex Tax: £8.33
Based on 1 reviews.
Single Bi-Fold Holder by Jerry O'Connell and PropDog
The Jerry O'Connell Bi-Fold Holder, is the perfect solution for carrying and protecting pac..
Ex Tax: £6.66
Based on 2 reviews.
Collision by Tom Wright and Trickster
The Ultimate Airborne Card Stab!  COLLISION is the ultimate ending to your favourite card ro..
Ex Tax: £58.33
ACE by Richard Sanders
A disturbingly clean 4 card change that happens in the spectator's own hands!  Effect: ..
Ex Tax: £15.83
101 Amazing Magic Tricks with a Stripper Deck
 By Royal Magic.   The Stripper Deck is one of the most versatile "trick" ..
Ex Tax: £3.99
Four King Miracle - Henri White
  From the creator of The Souvenir, Henri White Presents Four King Miracle  Two..
Ex Tax: £12.49
Triple C - Chris Engblom
    "Christian always has very nice, interesting, and clever ideas. This on..
Ex Tax: £24.99
101 Easy To Do Magic Tricks by Bill Tarr
This abundantly illustrated, easy-to-follow guide offers beginning magicians expert adivce for su..
Ex Tax: £11.99
101 Tricks with a Svengali Deck by Royal Magic
This terrific booklet will show you 101 spectacular magic tricks using one of the most ingenious mag..
Ex Tax: £3.49
10m of Elastic Thread for Making Flipper Cards
This Strick Elastic is the perfect elasticated thread for making gimmicks such as flipper cards. ..
Ex Tax: £1.24
25 Amazing Tricks with a Thumbtip by Royal Magic
Imagine having the power to vanish nearly any small object, in any situation, whenever you want! Tha..
Ex Tax: £7.49
25 Super Tricks/Funny Business Vol 6 by Patrick Page video DOWNLOAD
Patrick Page has been called a walking encyclopedia of magic and on this video extravaganza, he show..
Ex Tax: £9.25
At the Table Live Lecture - Patrick Kun 9th July 2014 - video DOWNLOAD
At the Table: Patrick Kun Patrick Kun is one of the most talented close up sleight of hand magici..
Ex Tax: £18.48
Awesome Self Working Card Tricks by Big Blind Media
Join your hosts Liam Montier, Cameron Francis, Dave Forrest and Steve Dela and prepare to learn some..
Ex Tax: £19.99
Basic Skill with Cards
Basic Skill With Cards A basic reference book for people who want to learn fundamental card handling..
Ex Tax: £5.99
Body Tricks by Stephen Ablett video DOWNLOAD
Body Tricks is a collection of 64 magical effects using nothing but the human body. Learn to remo..
Ex Tax: £17.73
Book of Visual Comedy by Patrick Page
The book of visual comedy is an invaluable resource for entertainers of every description: Comedians..
Ex Tax: £13.99
Camera Tricks by Casshan Wallace
Casshan Wallace immediately found worldwide attention with his rubber band effect Melting Point. Wit..
Ex Tax: £24.99
Carboné by Patrick Kun video DOWNLOAD
From inside the head of Patrick Kun comes an extremely visual routine involving a signed card and 2 ..
Ex Tax: £4.44
Card Tricks for the Fractured Mind by Peter Duffie eBook DOWNLOAD
Twelve New Card Routines All Using a Regular Deck. And all at a GREAT Price! Contents K...
Ex Tax: £12.55
Definitive Sankey Volume 2 - Book Only
Volume 2 takes you right back into the action with a chapter on magic with keys. Then comes all of J..
Ex Tax: £39.99
Definitive Sankey Volume 3 - Book Only
  The centerpiece of Volume 3 is the chapter of magic with bills. Sankey has done more work ..
Ex Tax: £39.99
Dr. Daley's Salt Trick by Vernet
Description:  The famous salt pour effect has never been easier! This special gimmick makes ..
Ex Tax: £5.83
Easy Magic Tricks You Can Do by Greg Moreland
Description:    20 year pro Greg Moreland teaches you how to perform impressive ..
Ex Tax: £16.66
Eccentricks 1 by Charlie Frye
Now on DVD, the original ECCENTRICKS, teaching numerous offbeat sleight of hand routines and juggl..
Ex Tax: £24.99