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Coin Magic


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Jumbo Bag of 100 Coin Bands by PropDog - Medium Size
Jumbo Bag of 100 Coin Bands by PropDog - Small Size
N4 Coin Set - N2G
Real Coin Magic - Benjamin Earl
Sucker Punch (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Mark Southworth
Bag of 20 Easy Bend 10 Pence Coins - by PropDog
Bag of 20 Easy Bend 2 Pence Coins - by PropDog
Leap - Agus Tjiu
In the Beginning There Were Coins Starring Jay Noblezada
Cigatration (Gimmick and DVD) by Chris Westfall
Victorian Coins and Glass by Kainoa Harbottle and Kozmomagic
Exact Change by Gregory Wilson
Metamorphasis XL - Wayne Dobson
Chinese Tweezers by Mario Lopez and Tango Magic (V0018)
Chocolate Coin by SansMinds
Senses Cup Refill (10 Cups and Lids)
Sherlock's 7 Cent Solution by Diamond Jim Tyler
Tango Ultimate Coin (T.U.C) Quarter & Penny with DVD by Tango
Triad Coins UK Coin Version  by Joshua Jay and Vanishing Inc
Imagination Coins by Garrett Thomas - US Quarter Gimmick
Pocket Change by SansMinds
Basic Coin Magic - Vol.2 by David Stone - DVD
Clonk 3 by Roman Garcia and Martin Andersen
Solari's Miser Miracle by Bob Solari
The Traveler by Jeff Copeland
Senses by Christopher Wiehl
Egyptian Ink (DVD and Gimmick) by Abdullah Mahmoud and SansMinds Creative Lab