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Children's Magic Products

In this category you'll find a range of products that are suitable for Children's Magicians and Entertainers

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The Crystal Tube by Magic by Gosh
Partytime 2 with Magic Dave
Red Lorry, Yellow Lorry by Magic Dave
Dave Bonsall's Little Hand Gimmick
Mouth Coils by Bazar de Magia
Princess in a Pickle by Silly Billy
36" Happy Birthday Silk by Vincenzo Di Fatta
50ft Mouth Coils by Premuim Magic - Box of 12 in Pink
A Trip to The Circus by George Iglesias & Twister Magic
Bonnet Hat Tear by Andy Amyx
Change Bag Chrome Handle by Bazar de Magia - Gold
Change Bag Chrome Handle by Bazar de Magia - Red
Change Bag Chrome Handle by Bazar de Magia - Silver
Children Laugh Louder by David Ginn
Chinese Sticks (Finished wood)
Doggy-Do! by Andy Clockwise
Jumbo Inflatable Wands - Silly Billy
Kids Kards by Richard Pinner
Kids Love The Classics by David Oakley
Latex Vanishing Dove by Twister Magic
Magic Dave's Magic Class by David Williamson
Magic For Older Children - Pat Fallon
Milk Wonder Perfect by Herbert Von Der Linden
Miracle Wonder Glass Large (Washable) - Mr Magic
Mouse to Cheese
Mouth Coils by Vincenzo Di Fatta  - Box of 12 in White
Multiplying Bananas (5 pieces)
Only 3 Ways To Book Your Show by David Ginn
Peg Leg Pete by Tim Stonefelt
Pizza Paddle (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Rob Thompson
Pocket Size 3 Way Coloring Book
Pro Card Duck
Professional Children's Magic by Tony Clark & The Miracle Factory
Qualatex Balloons 260Q Carnival  - 100 Pack
Qualatex Balloons 260Q Traditional  - 100 Pack
Rising Wand by Alan Wong
Seriously Silly Live by David Kaye
Silly Sack Jim Jayes
Silly Wand trick by Silly Billy
Sword Swallow Deluxe by Premium Magic
The Floating Match (2 per box) by Premium Magic
The Ladybug by Hugo Valenzuela
The Ultimate Vanishing Bandana
Thumb Tip Blendo
Vanishing Milk Pitcher
Vanishing Milk Pitcher by Bazar Magia
Wizard Hat Tear by Andy Amyx
Black & White Zebra Silks
Dove Pan Single Aluminium by Bazar De Magia
Chick Pan by Uday