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Chroma - Lloyd Barnes and Nicholas Lawrence
Element - Kieron Johnson
Exposure by Daniel Madison - Book
How To Do Street Magic - Brad Christian
Ping - Tobias Dostal
How to Be a Magician!!
Acme Hole - Lloyd Barnes
Magix by Les French Twins and Jean Luc Bertrand
Creative Magic by Adam Wilber
Messado Rings  ***DVD ONLY***
Messado Rings - Black  ***RINGS ONLY***
Pyro Mini - Adam Wilber
The Gaff System by Ellusionist **Cards and DVD*
Stay Cool - Tobias Dostal
Decibel - Adam Wilber
Ripcord - Tom Elderfield and Ollie Smith
Anthology (book) - Daniel Madison
Gamblers Cards and DVD by Daniel Madison
The Advocate - Daniel Madison
A Single Needle DVD - Wayne Houchin
Mirage - JB Dumas & David Stone
The Informant By Bobby Motta and Ellusionist
Shift Self Bending Key by Ellusionist
The Bold Project - Volume 1 By Justin Miller
The Bold Project - Volume 2 By Justin Miller
The Bold Project - Volume 3 By Justin Miller
Lock Stock & Riot - Peter McKinnon
The Coin Work of Brandon Wolf
Surge - Mickael Chatelai
Lightning Card To Wallet - Nate Kranzo